Mengembangkan form pelaporan berbasis XBRL sendiri menggunakan teknologi konvensional seperti Excel? Kenapa tidak …


In order to help filler in understanding about how to create report in XBRL format, we have created a Microsoft Excel Add-in to help filler to convert their report into XBRL. This add ins is create to be fit to work with OJK’s Taxonomy. It will work under .NET 4.0 and need MS. Visual Studio tools for Office Runtime 2010.

It will running well under system with at least Windows 7 with microsoft office 2007. And you also need to setup web server (i.e : Internet Information Services (IIS) or apache web server). You need to setup the to local domain.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 3.09.14 PM The Instance Creator Add-Ins

This add-ins could help you in create the template with “Generate Template ” menu. You could be able to create the input form both for “open table” and “close table”.

This add-ins also support the reference table search by using the “List Item” menu. You will…

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